What is BMI?

BMI is the acronym for Body Mass Index. It is the range that is determined by the height and weight of the person. It is used to know when the person is overweight, underweight or perfect. BMI is great option to determine human body weight. It measures the weight status of the body with respect to the fat. It can help person to understand their overall health.

The body mass record (BMI) is a measure that uses your tallness and weight to work out if your weight is healthy.

BMI is a figured number representing to a man’s level of fat or weight level:

BMI < 18.5 is underweight

BMI 18.5-24.9 is ordinary weight

BMI 25-29.9 is overweight

BMI 30-39.9 shows stoutness

BMI > 40 shows grim weight.

BMI Benefits :

It helps in maintaining a healthy weight.

It includes a practice plan can help you keep up a solid BMI, less joint and muscle torments, expanded vitality and capacity to participate in more exercises ,enhanced control of organic liquids and pulse , diminished weight on the heart and circulatory framework ,enhanced rest designs ,decreases in blood triglycerides, blood glucose, and danger of creating sort to diabetes  etc.

BMI calculator for Females – We all know that females are more conscious to their health with respect to males. They have their own reasons for that. So this tool can prove very helpful to all females, which enable you to track your overall health condition and gives you the accurate measure in seconds.

bmi calculator

BMI Uses:

  1. The BMI is by and large utilized as a method for relationship between’s gatherings related by general mass and can fill in as a dubious method for assessing a deposit.
  2. BMI is additionally utilized as a measure of underweight, attributable to promotion in the interest of those with dietary issues.
  3. BMI has come to be broadly utilized for preparatory diagnosis. Additional measurements, for example, abdomen boundary, can be more helpful.
  4. BMI was intended to be utilized as a straightforward method for arranging normal stationary (physically dormant) populaces, with a normal body composition.[For these people
  5. An incessant utilization of the BMI is to survey how much an individual’s body weight leaves from what is typical or attractive for a man’s health..
  6. It is ascertained in an indistinguishable route from for grown-ups, however then contrasted with run of the mill values for other offspring of a similar age. Rather than examination against settled limits for underweight and overweight,
  7. BMI Prime is helpful clinically on the grounds that it appears by what proportion (e.g. 1.36) or rate (e.g. 136%, or 36% over) a man goes astray from the most extreme ideal BMI.
  8. BMI helps doctor to determine rest factor of heart disease.

The most effective method to compute BMI for grown-ups-

The figuring of BMI depends on the accompanying equations:

BMI Formula:

Weight (kg)/Height (m)2

The BMI figuring partitions a grown-up’s weight in kilograms by their height in meters squared.

The recipe to compute BMI requires data about a man’s height in meters and weight in kilograms. For weight in pounds and stature in inches, there is an alternate recipe, yet because of adjusting, it may not create precisely the same.

The BMI equations are:

BMI = weight (in kilograms)/height (in meters) ^2


BMI = weight (in pounds)/height (in inches) ^2 * 703

BMI is not intended to clinical direction and is not planned to be a substitute for expert restorative guidance. Since BMI depends on weight and height, it is just a pointer of body heftiness. People with similar BMI may have distinctive measures of muscle to fat quotients. People may consider looking for exhortation from their human services suppliers on healthy weight status and to consider singular conditions. It can be helpful for any particular person to understand and keep track of their overall health conditions.